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Pant Styles

Pant Styles - What They Are and When to Wear Them.

Pants are arguably one of the most versatile garments that exist. They can go from the gym, to work, and to dinner; they can be comfy and casual to dressy and formal.

Moreover, the fabric choices are seemingly endless ranging from cotton and linen to silk and chiffon.

With such an array of types and fabrics, it is important to know when to wear each kind.


Jeans are the go-to pant for men and women of all ages. Perhaps they are so popular because of their versatility and comfort. After all, jeans are appropriate in a variety of settings, from shopping in the grocery store to going on a date in a casual restaurant. You can wear jeans almost anywhere with the exception of formal occasions. The main reason for their versatility is that they can be purchased in so many styles and washes. Lighter washes in styles such as the boyfriend jean and the boot cut look great for day to day casual activities. Generally, the darker the wash, the dressier the look. Along with a dark wash, certain styles such as the straight leg or trouser cut look dressier and more appropriate for date night or perhaps a casual Friday at the office.


Khaki pants, also known as chinos, are a comfortable, casual choice for men and women. Although their name suggests that they come in only a brown color, quite the opposite is true. Due to popular demand, these are made in a vast array of colors ranging from basic black to bold red. They also come in styles such as cargoes, wide leg, and boot cut. With these different styles, khakis can be dressed up or down and worn in a variety of settings. Dressed up might look like a buttoned, collared shirt paired with a straight legged pair of khakis, a nice look for going on an outing or a casual date. Dressed down might look like a pair of cargoes complimented by a T-shirt, a nice look for running errands around town or a day at the park.


Leggings might be the most comfortable of all pants. Although visions of gyms and yoga studios come to mind with the legging, they aren\'t solely appropriate for a fitness routine. Leggings can work for day or night wear as well. A chic dark colored legging with a billowy blouse paired with knee-high boots is a fashionable look for shopping or having coffee with friends. Since the legging is made partially with spandex, it hugs the legs, so they are best worn with a loose-fitting top. Overall, the legging can either be worn at the gym or dressed up with the right complimentary shirt.


The name palazzo hints at the formality of this pant worn by women. This is a formal style that is appropriate for anything from a cocktail party to a formal occasion like a wedding or other event. Coming in various fabrics, they look stunning paired with a slim fitting blouse in a contrasting color. It is wise to choose a body skimming top with the palazzo pant because this pant is voluminous in comparison to other pant styles. A slim fitting shirt balances the wide leg. Since they are formal, it makes sense that they can be bought in dressy fabrics like silk or chiffon. Moreover, the color choices are endless; black is a good choice for an evening event while ivory or a pastel hue is lovely for a wedding. With its cut and fabric, the palazzo is perfect for the formal occasion.


Trousers, sometimes called slacks, are possibly the mostly worn at the office by both men and women. Most white collar careers call for trousers because they are dressier and more professional and polished looking than jeans or khakis. They are made out of cotton, polyester, or or fabric blend. For instance, some manufacturers make slacks with a low percentage of spandex in them to help keep their shape. For men, trousers come in styles like flat front or pleated front. While both styles are appropriate for the office, the best choice is the front that flatters the body type. In general, a flat front is more slimming that the pleated while some argue that the pleated style is dressier than a flat front. Women\'s choices of trousers are numerous including the way they are cut. These range from the trendy flare leg to a slim cut. As with men, women should choose a cut that flatters them since most cuts are appropriate in professional settings. However, consider that the more classic the trouser is cut, the more work-appropriate it is.

More often than not, when a man or woman dresses for the day he or she chooses a type of pant. There are so many styles, colors, and fabrics, they can be worn anywhere, day or night. No matter if the venue is a swanky restaurant, a shopping mall, or a sporting event, there is a place for every kind of pant.

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